Debt collection and purchase

It is no secret that at the moment the debt is paid in accordance with priorities. We will do everything for your account to be placed on top of the list. We work out of the box: every debtor is unique, so we find appropriate debt recovery mode for each individually.

Debt recovery strategy of sending letters in red font stopped working ages ago, while legal debt recovery is not suitable for everyone – in some cases it’s just an additional crediting for debtors (lawyer costs, stamp duty, etc.). Why additionally invest into debt? Attaching the property or account of the debtor does not create the money. Meanwhile, the debtors are usually used to living on attachments (you probably won‘t be the first one attaching them).

We don‘t collect debts, we take them away! We do it in fast and aggressive manner without any additional investment (working only for the percentage).

We also purchase the debts of biggest Lithuanian companies and provide debt administration services.

Legal Services

Legal advice; contract preparation and analysis; representation in negotiations, institutions, organizations of legal and natural persons; preparation of procedural and other legal documents; company registration; incorporation documents’ and enterprise data exchange, restructuring, separation;  preparation of the company's internal documents and other legal services.